Shane Knapp



Employment in a challenging environment, continuing both my engineering and operations career paths while having the opportunity to continue to expand my base of knowledge even more.


Technical Summary

·          Programming and Markup Languages:  Perl, SQL, Python, XML, XSLT, XPath, shell scripting (bash, c-shell), HTML

·          Databases:  Oracle 8, Sybase, MySQL, SQL Sever 2000

·          Protocols and Interfaces:  TCP/IP, LDAP, SMTP, SSL/SSH, TLS, HTTP, FTP, DBI, Sybperl, JDBC, ODBC

·          Operating Systems:  Unix (OpenBSD, Solaris, Linux 6.x, 7.x and 8.0, IRIX), Windows 2000, Windows NT

·          Application Servers:  Windows .NET, Intershop Enfinity, Vignette Agent Builder/Server

·          System Tools:  Big Brother, Windows Active Directory Management, Apache 2.0, HP Open View, DCForum

·          Source Control Applications:  CVS (installation, migration and administration), CVSgui, RCS


Professional Experience

Ironport Systems (                                                                                                                                            June 03 – present

San Bruno, CA

QA Engineer (contract position)

·          Vital member of an elite QA team, responsible for white box testing of high performance email messaging gateways, capable of relaying up to 500,000+ individual messages per hour.

·          Played a major role in the final implementation and release of the C60, the latest Ironport messaging gateway.  More detail on the product here:

·          Responsible for drafting, finalizing and implementing various test plans, including, but not limited to:  stressing DNS and network configurations, stress-testing various hardware configurations, LDAP and TLS product integration, SCP, and the addition of a web-based GUI.

·          Worked closely with Product Management, Operations and Engineering, having a lead role with the final implementation of many aspects of the appliance.

·          Modified, tuned and improved various in-house Python and Perl scripts that communicated with, by generating, sending and receiving email with the appliance.

·          Worked with large amounts of raw data, generating data sets for use with testing, as to approximate “real world” behavior within the testing process.

·          Responsible for final qualifying of a variety of C60 and AsyncOS beta releases to Verizon, AOL and other large clients. 


:CODEtv (                                                                                                                                                March 03 – present

San Francisco Bay Area

Producer/Club Correspondent

·          Part of a three-person production crew for a local nightlife public access television show filmed at nightclubs and electronic music events in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

·          Responsible for scripting and time-lining my own segments for the show, which are then filmed and integrated with different pieces of footage being filmed.

·          Other responsibilities include contacting and arranging with clubs and promoters for show filming, contacting artists for feature spots and creating and maintaining relationships with show sponsors.


Vital Link Business Systems (                                                                                            September 02 – December 02

San Francisco, CA

Systems Support Engineer

·          Led the initiative for, and subsequently installed, propagated and maintained the company CVS repository.

·          Built, installed and administered production Windows 2000 and Linux machines.

·          Provided company hardware-based desktop support.

·          Acted as “final level” of support for phone and field technicians for system installation and debugging.

·          Developed and implemented Perl system tools to track remote customer’s system uptime and connectivity.

·          Administered the company Windows 2000 Active Directory server.

·          Worked with Finance, Operations and Support teams to plan and execute an extensive database cleanup project.

·          All development and operations done on a multi-platform, multi-application system environment, working with Perl, Windows 2000, Redhat Linux, MS-SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 Active Directory, Siebel 6.0 and Tango.

Battlebots, Inc. (                                                                                                                                           May 02 – June 02

San Francisco, CA

Safety Inspector

·          Member of an eight-person team responsible for the final technical inspections of all competing (900+) Battlebots before declaring them fit for competition.


Livemind, Inc. (defunct April 01)                                                                                                                                May 00 – April 01

San Francisco, CA

Wireless Platform Engineer/System Architect

·          Led development and implementation of the data syndication system using Oracle XML tools, Perl, and XSLT for both Weblogic and Intershop APIs.

·          Led the initiative for, and subsequently installed and maintained, multiple CVS repositories.

·          Oversaw data syndication process, including: retrieving data, mapping a UI flow, processing data, and initializing and setting up feeds for various third-party clients.

·          Assisted in the migration of our product from an NT to Solaris platform.

·          Configured and authored XML files, providing support to third-party clients.

·          Authored Javascript web “agents” using Vignette’s Agent Builder.

·          Developed a set of on-site classes, and trained new employees in the theory and application of source control and CVS.

·          Worked closely with the QA, Operations, UI, and Engineering teams on all of the projects above to ensure their completion and successful integration.


Excite@Home (formerly Excite, Inc. – defunct December 01)                                                                               July 98 – November 99

Redwood City, CA

Feeds/ Production Engineer

·          Authored and maintained multiple real-time news and data feeds, using the data to display dynamic content on the site.

·          Responsible for developing and maintaining the Excite Help, Home & Real Estate, Games, and Education channels using HTML and DCG.

·          Authored SQL and Perl scripts for the data syndication piece of a project with WebMD.


Investools, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                 January 98 – July 98

Atherton, CA

System Tools Developer

·          Developed data syndication and Unix diagnostic tools using Perl, SQL, Sybperl, and shell scripting.

·          Designed and implemented a Perl-based code release system.  The code logged all transactions and stored all previous iterations of the released code.


NASA Ames Research Center (Sterling Software)                                                                                                 January 97 - November 97

Mountain View, CA

Network Engineer

·          Engineered the web-based system for the submission, review, and assignment of proposals. The project was completed, providing a secure web-based system using Perl, Sybase, Sybperl, and Apache.

·          Authored various system tools with Perl and c-shell scripts.

·          Assisted in the testing, benchmarking and deployment of network hardware (switches, routers, hubs) in high-uptime environments.



University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY                                                                                                                       September 91 - December 96

·          Undergraduate studies in Computer Science, Math, Engineering, Archaeology, and Photography.


Other Skills and Activities

·          10 years experience building and configuring PCs and small home and neighborhood networks.

·          Avid sports car enthusiast and mechanic.

·          A skilled DJ, performing at events and clubs around Northern California, including a recent residency at the DNA Lounge (

·          Guest lecturer at the UCLA graduate school of musicology, in a new course on electronic music (April 2001).

·          Major contributor in bay area electronic music collectives.  Active role in event planning and delivery, including full event coordination, managing large numbers of volunteer staff, working with local government representatives (SF Fire Marshall, SFPD), DJing and electronic music performance.